Welcome to Hunter, Heartfelt Egg Donation’s Office Companion

Please welcome Hunter, our new office companion. He’s a rat terrier/chihuahua/dachshund mix, we think. Regardless he’s super cute and mellow. We fostered Hunter along with his sister, Sophie for 6 weeks, then brought him back to the SPCA hoping he would be neutered and vaccinated so that we could adopt him and bring him home with us. Unfortunately, he came down with parvo and had to stay longer than anticipated. Boo hoo! Thankfully, this pup recovered well and is cured. He is home with us! He is bringing us much joy and I get to have him with me at the office all day. He is the perfect companion and keeps the office atmosphere positive and calm. He loves hanging under my desk and playing with his toys. You may just hear him sniffing around or playing with his toys when you call. He’ll give you a big happy hello wag!


Hunter hard at work