Webisode: Part 1 – Neil and Karen, A year and a half

Here is the first video in the increaseyourchances.org. webisode; a new campaign sponsored by EMD Serano, aimed to de-stigmatize the taboo topic of infertility.  This campaign launched February 19 and 20, 2010 in Baltimore and took a light approach to educating couples about how to increase their chances of conceiving.  What do you think of their approach and do you think it hits the mark?

I’m unable to tell if this campaign will go any further than the Baltimore region. Supposedly “Bird and Bee” couples were out and about in Baltimore on February 19 and 20 to get couples talking about fertility issues. They visited museums, restaurants, coffee shops and other local hot spots. I’m very curious to see what the response was and if the campaign was successful.

This week I’ll present one video a day from their webisode series.  I like their lighthearted comical approach to dealing with a sticky and emotional subject matter.

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