Testimonial: A Kind Thank You

January is always a contemplative month. Like many, I look back on the previous year and all that’s happened and think about the possibilities of the new year not just for me personally and professionally but for the prospective parents and donors I work with at Heartfelt Egg Donation. The most exciting thing about doing what I do is learning that there are successful pregnancies and babies being born to well deserving parents. 

This letter came recently and I truly appreciate the kind words.

Dear Suzanne, 
Lord knows that this letter of thanks is very long overdue but I hope that you will accept my apology for the delay nonetheless. 
At this time of year as we all reflect on our many blessings I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am that I found you and your agency to help me in my endeavor to create a family. Words cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude for everything that you did for me. 
First and foremost, you are a person true to your word which is a rarity in today’s society. You have integrity and to me that is priceless. I would recommend you to anyone going through the donor process. You were reliable, returned every phone call and e-mail in a timely fashion and made me feel very secure during an otherwise stressful time. I never once had to worry about things on your end. I honestly felt at all times that you had everything under control and that you had my best interests at heart. The fact that my husband and I received a refund from you of money that was not spent adds testimony to your honesty. 
I am truly grateful to you and my donor for providing me with this incredible opportunity to form a family that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I don’t want to jinx anything but I can say that as long as things continue to go well there will be lots of celebrating in the new year on the East Coast. 

I’ll keep in touch,