Suggested Reading – All That Remains Or The Madsen Embyros Claimed at Last by Pamela Madsen

I just read Pamela Madsen’s post from her blog The Fertility Advocate titled “All that Remains” or “The Madsen Embryos Claimed at Last” Here she shares her personal journey with donating her embryos to research and I appreciate her emotion and honesty.

Pam is well known in the fertility industry. In 1999 she founded the American Fertility Association, a leading advocacy group. She launched her blog and is currently Director of Education at a New York Fertility clinic. I’m thankful to her for her insight, leadership and personal experience in the fertility world.

Pamela collaborated with Claudia Kalb from Newsweek for the online piece “All That Remains” that appears today. There is a wonderful video of Pam and her sons and I encourage you to read the article and watch the video; both are very informative and touching.