Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Releases Latest Clinical Outcomes Data: 58,727 Children Born from 2010 ART Procedures

Posted by Infertility Answers

Washington, DC – The latest data on assisted reproductive technologies in the United States has been released by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. SART’s 2010 IVF Success Rate National Summary builds on many of the previous year’s positive trends: transferring fewer embryos per cycle and increased use of single embryo transfer leading to further reductions in percentage of twins and high-order multiple births in critical lower-age categories.

For 2010, 370 clinics reported data to SART on 146,693 treatment cycles leading to the birth of 58,727 babies.

Glenn Schattman MD, President of SART, noted, “We are continuing our focus on ART best practices, performance, and safety.  Using our comprehensive ART treatment registry, new features that provide the earliest access to current data, greater transparency and clarity, SART now presents users with guidance on the definitions and recommended interpretations of fields that appear on the Clinic Summary Reports at  As users mouse over various elements on the new report, pop-up text bubbles inform the user on how each calculation was derived and provide additional information to help patients better interpret success rates.  This is an important step but one of many SART is taking to improve access and understanding of ART treatment metrics.”

At, data from all reporting clinics are aggregated in the National Summary Report. Individual clinic reports, as well as the National Summary Report, include a convenient drop down box allowing viewers to see previous years’ reports; data from 2003 through 2010 are posted. Additionally, the clinic reports note procedures each clinic offers with corresponding success rates, and allows prospective patients to request information from clinics with a single click. Go to and click on “IVF Success Rate Reports” to view the National Report or search for SART member clinics in your area