Series: Egg Donor Frequently Asked Questions – #2

Are there any forms of birth control that will prevent me from being accepted as an egg donor with Heartfelt Egg Donation, llc?

Yes, you will not be considered or accepted into our program as an egg donor if you are currently using Depo-Provera, Norplant or a Hormonal IUD, such as Mirena. You will be required to have at least three regular menstrual cycles after you discontinue using these methods of birth control. These forms of birth control do not allow your menstrual cycles to be adjusted or synchronized and this is a very important part of the egg donation treatment cycle. Although some physician’s and fertility centers will allow donation with a Mirena IUD, we cannot guarantee matching you with prospective parents who are working with a physician who accepts this practice; therefore, we will not be able to accept you into our program.  If you have a Non-Hormonal IUD or are using birth control pills this will not affect your ability to donate.