Recruiting Egg Donors! Apply Now…

Heartfelt Egg Donation is currently recruiting first time and successful repeat egg donors. We are in need of egg donors from all ethnic backgrounds; African American, Asian, East Indian, Multi-Racial, and Jewish Egg Donors are in high demand!

In addition, we are actively recruiting for a couple who is willing to pay the right donor a higher than standard fee if they possess the following criteria:

  • Caucasian of Northern European heritage
  • Age preference 27-33 years of age
  • Successful repeat donor
  • High academic achievement: a minimum of a four year university degree, though an advanced degree is preferable
  • Indication of academic success/intelligence
  • Brown hair
  • Blue or blue grey eyes
  • Slender build
  • 5’4″ or taller
  • Athletic
  • Fair to medium complexion
  • Genetically sound, no known hereditary issues
  • Extremely robust health history
  • Healthy, balanced life style, nutritious diet, regular exercise

To be considered for our program, please refer to the Donor section of our website to review our program requirements and complete our pre-screening application.

You may contact us at 775-354-0577 or 866-223-0003 for more information.