Mindy Berkson of Lotus Blossom Consulting Speaks About Egg Banking: A Great Option for Biological Birth

On January 18th, WSFL-TV’s THE MORNING SHOW (Ft. Lauderdale) turned to Mindy Berkson of Lotus Blossom Consulting for insights into fertility treatments for those who may have delayed childbearing. Her insights about when fertility naturally decreases gives great pause to those who may think that 35 is the ultimate time to have a child. With sharp fertility declines from the mid 30’s, Mindy provides information on one of the best new options, Egg Banking. Click on the link to see the interview with WSFL TV. 

I appreciate Mindy’s positive approach to fertility alternatives. As mentioned in a past post, this option may be cost prohibitive to many young woman, although with continued success, education and awareness this option is priceless.