Making sense of the “Baby-Selling Ring”

Andrew Vorzimer, The Spin Doctor

As mentioned in my previous post, without coming out and saying it, I pretty much wanted to sweep the news of last weeks outing of the Baby-selling ring under the carpet. Not because it is not interesting, heck it’s sadly interesting, but because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to speak intelligently about it and I’d be too emotionally charged. Don’t get me wrong, I have my feelings, they’re strong feelings but I am not a legal professional and do not pretend to know all the facts. Thankfully Andrew Vorzimer, The Spin Doctor and Reproductive Law Attorney has first hand knowledge of the case and can speak to all points. I commend him, Steven Snyder, and the other unnamed attorneys and the FBI for unearthing the scheme of these perpetrators. Andrew’s blog, The Spin Doctor, this past week has been extremely informative and I strongly recommend you refer to it to learn the facts and to understand the legal implications without making false judgements. Be sure to read all the way back to last Tuesday, August 8, 2011 (when news broke). Continue to follow the story through Andrew’s eyes and profession; I know I will.




  1. You are a concerned and thoughful agency owner, Suzanne, you and others like you are exactly who recipient parents AND donors need to be doing business with, keep on with your good work!

  2. Sharon LaMothe

    I believe that as this onion of a case is peeled away, layer by layer (making us cry and stinking up the kitchen), we will all come to the same conclusion; change is needed, we need better avenues of communication, we need to pull together and not allow these ‘3’ make infertility any harder on IP’s then it already is.