Long Lost Adopted Brothers Meet – Egg Donor Siblings Will Surely Start Meeting Too

I honestly love this story. These are the kinds of stories that put a smile on your face and warm your heart. I couldn’t help but think of all the Egg Donor children out there who will also start to run into each other and start to connect the fact that they may be related. I know that in time this will happen more than expected. I’m familiar with the Donor Sibling Registry and mention it regularly to intended parents who have a desire to share their child’s conception story with them. I believe that many children will have a desire to know the Donor who helped their parents conceive them. I believe that some children will also have a desire to learn if there are other children related to them out there. The Donor Sibling Registry is a good start to finding Donors (whether Sperm or Egg) or Donor Siblings for those who may or may not have entered into an anonymous agreement.

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