Healing Your Heart After Pregnancy Loss

By Helen Abbott from BeyondPregnancy.com originally posted April 15, 1014

While many of us become excited about becoming pregnant and eagerly awaiting that positive sign on the pregnancy test, there is another side to pregnancy which is often overlooked and rarely spoken about.

Today, nearly a quarter of all pregnancies result in the loss of the baby[1], often for unknown reasons, before full term An early loss (before 20 weeks) is commonly called miscarriage, and a loss later than this is known as stillbirth. Although Dr. Braverman and the field of Reproductive Immunology have made tremendous advancements in diagnosis and treatment of “unknown” causes of pregnancy loss, few have addressed the emotional healing that is necessary after such a long and difficult process. I am excited to be working with Dr. Braverman, whose expertise in recurrent pregnancy loss has changed so many lives, and assisting him in this most important aspect of recurrent pregnancy loss care. .

Long after our bodies have healed from this type of loss, we can still feel deeply sad months and years later because the one part of our bodies that needs attention, our hearts, has often been ignored or dismissed.

It is difficult to describe how the loss of a baby during pregnancy feels because it can be a very different experience for each of us. Regardless of the gestation, every reaction and every emotion we may feel is valid when faced with such an unexpected tragic event. All pregnancy losses come as a shock, even those of us who have experienced more than one loss do not embark on the second or subsequent pregnancy with the expectation that we will again lose our baby.

The significance that we place on each loss can also be different. Some of us respond in a matter of fact and philosophical way while others may be immersed in grief for lengthy periods of time. Most of us are somewhere in between. Continue reading original article…