From The Heart: A Letter From Prospective Parents To Their Egg Donor

These are the days I love – when prospective parents communicate their appreciation of their egg donor in writing.  I encourage our prospective parents to send a letter to their egg donor (through me) so that their donor can truly understand the impact of their donation. Below is a letter I received from prospective parents; their words are from the heart and I’m sure they will touch the donor’s heart in a way she will appreciate for the rest of her life.


Dear Donor:

I am writing to let you know that you have given me and my family a chance of fulfilling a dream that seemed elusive and impossible to us for so long. I am specifically writing before my transfer because you need to know of the impact you have made in our lives before we find out the results. 

I was barely 25 when the doctor who diagnosed me with my illness sat across from my husband and me and said quite flatly that I would never have children. We found out later that he went beyond what he was supposed to do during my surgery and damaged my ovaries beyond repair. So there I was, 25 and having hot flashes with my mother-in-law and aunts and watching my sisters and cousins having their first, second, and third children. 

It hurt in many inexplicable ways. First, so much so that I was just in a bad mood constantly and couldn’t figure out why. Eventually, I was able to become spiritual enough that I was able to look inside and accept the situation and find joy in the many nieces and nephews that surrounded me. I got to a very good place of not being jealous, but truly happy for the opportunities that I was given to have the love of a child. 

There were sticking points in that place, however. It was the look on my husband’s face when we went to yet another baby shower or christening in addition to the look he and everybody else would give me at those events. The pity was almost as bad as the insensitive folks who would ask “what is taking you so long”. So, we decided to look forward instead of backward and we knew that there was a way as long as we had faith.

That is how we found you. Having been through what we had to go through a few times, words alone cannot express the gratitude that was in my heart as we left the doctor’s office on Monday. The thought that someone would so selflessly give up a part of themselves to help us was overwhelming and silent tears fell all the way home.

So, regardless of the outcome, we thank the heavens for bringing you to us and we thank you for the hope that we will always have because we have gotten this far.

All the best in everything that you choose to do,

Prospective Parents 🙂

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  1. This is so sweet 🙂 It’s so nice for both the donor and the prospective parents to express their feelings. Wishing the couple the best of luck!