Educational Piece – Young Women Open Your Eyes, You Are Not Fertile Forever!

Thank you to Pamela Madsen for bringing her appearance on Oprah 2002 to my attention. I leave you this week with this posting and video and hope that young women ponder the message and digest every single word of it. Don’t be “blind sided by nature”, open your eyes to the reality of fertility. Be fully aware that the ability to have children becomes more challenging in your late twenties and even more so in your early to mid thirties.

Countless couples and women I help need an egg donor to help them conceive because they waited too long to try to have a family and their fertility naturally declined to the point they weren’t able to have children. Thank goodness egg donation is an option and there are younger women willing to help these women have children. Many of the egg donors I speak with tell me that they want to donate their eggs because they imagine themselves not being able to have children and they hope that if they are ever in the same situation someone would be willing to help them. Thank goodness for the kindness of human nature.

Crystal balls are hard to come by and the future cannot be predicted so I ask young women to educate themselves when it comes to their bodies and fertility and to be aware of the challenges that they may face if they do not have children sooner rather than later.