Book Review: The Pea That Was Me, An Egg Donation Story

My copy of  The Pea that was Me: An Egg-Donation Story (Volume 1)  by Kimberly Kluger-Bell arrived in yesterday’s mail.

My children (9 year old twin daughters and 7 1/2 year old son) were with me when I opened the package and they were excited to see what I received.  They immediately wanted to read it while standing over my shoulder. Love that!  When I asked them what they liked about the book they said, “I liked it because it reminded me of us and it was easy to read and understand.”

From my perspective this small soft covered book was a quick read, the illustrations were simple and visually pleasing, and it used accurate biological terms along with terms children would understand and relate to like a “pea”. After reading it through again, I noticed that the term embryo wasn’t used, which is  fine. In my opinion that detail can be filled in by parents as they read. Other details can also be filled in about their individual story as to how they came to be. In fact, there is a page at the end of the book where the story can be personalized with a couple of photos of your child and information about their birthday, the fertility Doctor’s name and other things that are known about the Donor.

This would be a great book  to purchase while expecting or as children get a little older and start asking about how they were made. It’s a nice introductory book that can help donor egg parents start the conversation with their children about their beginning. As your child/children age, they will help to keep the conversation going by asking more specific questions about their birth. It will be a fun time of exploration and learning for your family.

You can order your copy here: The Pea That Was Me,  An Egg Donation Story (Volume 1)