Book Review (Children): Daddy and Pop, from the "Love Makes a Family" Series

I had the pleasure of reading Daddy and Pop from The “Love Makes a Family” Series presented by Guess Who? MultiMedia and Pacific Fertility Center, Los Angeles. Written by Tina Rella, this is a new children’s musical book series that celebrates families made possible by adoption, egg/sperm donation, and surrogacy.

Daddy and Pop
The story is about Jessica, a little girl starting first grade who along with the other children in her class, is asked to share information about her family. She has two fathers. At the end of her presentation, someone asks about her mother. She never really thought about this before. After school she asks her fathers why she doesn’t have a mother and they explain how she was conceived through the help of an egg donor and carried until born by a gestational carrier. Both women helped to bring Jessica to them and make their family complete.

I first read the book without the CD and then again along with the CD.  It was a quick read, simple and to the point: love makes a family. The story is realistic. The music made the story come to life even more than expected and I can easily see how youngsters curious about their beginnings would enjoy it. There’s no doubt that story time will be lots of fun in a household reading Daddy and Pop and I anticipate that the other musical books in The Love Makes a Family Series are equally entertaining and informative.

The official release date of the Love Makes a Family Series of musical books is April 16, 2010. Anyone who purchases one or more musical books on this date will receive a 10% discount. In order to receive this discount, email your order to Purchases may also be made directly through Guess Who? MultiMedia or through