Libby Kranz talks about embryo adoption

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I wanted to share an article that was posted on and hope you will read and share it with others to help them understand more about embryo adoption:

Jennifer Lynn Kranz, also known as JLK, was adopted by Libby and Tony Kranz after going through their own fertility struggles. She was their first daughter. Soon after, Libby became pregnant with her son, then another son, and finally little Charlotte. They felt their family was complete with “two bookend daughters.” They decided it was time to put their remaining embryos up for adoption and shortly after they did, Jennifer was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (DIPG – Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) near her 6th birthday.

Libby did what all mothers would do in this situation. She hunkered down and took care of JLK, tried to fight for her life, and comforted Jennifer day and night until she took her last breath. In order to cope with her experience, Libby started to blog and she received comfort through the community she developed. She vowed to find a cure for DIPG and childhood cancer and started a non-profit called in honor of her daughter and in her memory. Through Libby’s blog, I became more aware of the pain parents suffer when a child is diagnosed with cancer and there is no hope for survival. I’m forever grateful to Libby and Jennifer for opening my eyes to the fact more needs to be done.

Libby is a remarkably strong woman and I’m thankful for meeting her through her blog. She has encouraged me and my family to help where we can with respect to raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. I’m also grateful to her for selflessly letting her remaining embryos be adopted by another couple and educating people more about embryo adoption.

Libby Kranz Opens Up About Placing Her Embryos Up for Adoption| Good Deeds, Real People Stories

When asked: What do you want others to know about embryo adoption? Libby responds…”The biggest thing I want people to know is this is not just a gift for them, I do believe it’s a gift to us. It’s something I’m proud of. That’s a good feeling, to say, Hey, I did something good. I helped someone, I did something that wasn’t easy to do, but it felt like the right thing.”

Libby Kranz Opens Up About Placing Her Embryos Up for Adoption| Good Deeds, Real People Stories

Keep your eye out for Libby’s story and more in a series in print and online with She’ll also be on Good Morning America discussing her experience.

4 myths about migraines

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This is was an interesting ‘myth buster’ article by RGJ (Reno Gazette-Journal) as many egg donors and intended parents don’t really understand what a migraine is. Often times, prospective egg donors include ‘migraine’ on their health history form and it’s important to be able to be decipher a true migraine from an occasional bad headache. Are you surprised by anything in this article?

9 things you didn’t know about sperm

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Interestingly enough, I don’t talk very much about sperm on this blog but today I found an article about  9 things you didn’t know about sperm. Pineapple – really?! What do you think? Are you educated in this area? Click on the below article for more.

African American egg donor sought for prospective parents in Reno! Apply now!

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Heartfelt Egg Donation, LLC is currently searching for an African American female to donate eggs to prospective parents through a local clinic in the Reno, NV area. This is an extraordinary opportunity to earn extra income by giving the gift of life while being generously compensated for your time, inconvenience and any physical and emotional demands associated with the egg donation process.

African American Egg Donor Needed

In order to be considered you must be:

• 21-30 years old
• 5’2 – 5’10”
• Non-smoker/non-recreational drug user
• Normal weight with a BMI under 28
• Not suffering from any medical/clinical disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.).
• Flexible schedule that will allow approximately 20 hours of dedication for 2 -3 months.

Ultimately, you will live in Northern Nevada near Reno/Sparks. If you are not local, we are happy to consider you for other opportunities that may exist. In order to determine if we can invite you to apply to be an egg donor with the Program at Heartfelt Egg Donation and consider you, please complete our pre-screening form via this link.

If you are not a selected as a match for this particular posting, we may have other prospects for you. In addition, we are actively recruiting women from all ethnic backgrounds for other openings locally or throughout the country.

Compensation starts at $5,000 for new donors and increases with experience up to $10,000. You may donate up to 6 times with our agency. All expenses are included. This is a tremendous opportunity for someone who has a true desire to help someone build their family.

Please contact us now for more information and to get started!

Motivation Monday: University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address – Admiral William H. McRaven

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My father sent this video to me recently. He has always been a strong supporter of hard work, determination, faith and strength. He has taught me to never give up on my hopes and dreams; that everything can be accomplished through hard work, a positive attitude and dedication. Like many, having children was a personal desire and goal. When I was told that I only had a 1% chance of having babies on my own, it was devastating. I started to believe I wouldn’t ever get pregnant or have children. Guess what, I never gave up hope or the faith that someday, somehow it would happen. It was a tough road. Many times, I wanted to give up, though I didn’t. I continued to keep the faith even when I thought it was fruitless. There were many times I thought this would be the first time I would actually fail at something. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. My husband and I worked hard at investigating family building alternatives and finally; through hard work, determination, faith, prayer and a good team by our side, we became pregnant with our twin daughters – a year after their birth, we became pregnant on our own with our son. To this day, we still can’t believe we have three children knowing there was a time when it looked like we would have none.

This commencement address from University of Texas, Austin by Admiral William H. McRaven is a bit long but I promise you it is worth taking the time to watch especially if you are feeling like you can’t go on anymore with a challenge you are facing. Enjoy. Be strong!

Rest, Beautiful Maya

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Learning that Maya Angelou passed away yesterday put me in a bit of a funk. She touched so many lives with her words and presence, including mine. I couldn’t help but think about how she will live forever in so many hearts. I’m happy to have been witness to your beauty. Thank you, Maya.


Motivation Monday: a success unexpected

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10380922_795258600508064_4743403068841921887_n simple pleasures

Welcome to Hunter, Heartfelt Egg Donation’s Office Companion

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Please welcome Hunter, our new office companion. He’s a rat terrier/chihuahua/dachshund mix, we think. Regardless he’s super cute and mellow. We fostered Hunter along with his sister, Sophie for 6 weeks, then brought him back to the SPCA hoping he would be neutered and vaccinated so that we could adopt him and bring him home with us. Unfortunately, he came down with parvo and had to stay longer than anticipated. Boo hoo! Thankfully, this pup recovered well and is cured. He is home with us! He is bringing us much joy and I get to have him with me at the office all day. He is the perfect companion and keeps the office atmosphere positive and calm. He loves hanging under my desk and playing with his toys. You may just hear him sniffing around or playing with his toys when you call. He’ll give you a big happy hello wag!


Hunter hard at work



Motivation Monday: What Lies Within…

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What lies within

What lies within