Bachelors turn to surrogates when biological clocks tick

As presented on the TODAY show 3/17/2015

Susan Donaldson James – TODAY contributor


Dr. Conrad Cean was nearing 40 when he felt his biological clock ticking — with no special someone to help him start a family.

So he did something that’s only recently become an option for single men: He turned to IVF and a surrogate halfway around the world to make a family of his own.

The 43-year-old pain specialist from New York City is now the proud, single father of 18-month-old twins, Konrad Fritz II and Kennedy-Josephine Marie. And he’s considering adding to his brood.

“I grew up in a very close family with two sisters, parents in Queens and cousins,” he told TODAY. “We’ve always been a tight family and I always wanted children.”

Cean’s surrogate family takes on special poignancy in the wake of the blowup between British singer Elton John and the fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana after the founders recently championed “traditional” families and criticized fertility treatments in a magazine article.

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Dr. Conrad Cean and his twins, Konrad Fritz II and Kennedy-Josephine

Courtesy of Dr. Conrad Cean/Alex Kaplan Photo
Dr. Conrad Cean and his twins, Konrad Fritz II and Kennedy-Josephine.