As Mother’s Day Approaches – Bring On The Rain

Mother’s Day. It’s the most dreaded holiday for many women who want to have a baby and be a mother.  Every year I think about this day, about how fortunate I am to have a beautiful selfless mother, how lucky I was to have known my grandmothers and great grandmothers, the struggle I experienced trying to become a mother and then how blessed I am to have the children I thought I might never have.  I did it. I’m a mother. I got through the rain. Now I experience the joy I hoped I would and I can laugh and commiserate with other women over the day to day challenges of being a mother. Yet, I’m conflicted.  Because as every Mother’s Day approaches, I know there are women out there who struggle with this holiday and how painful it is for them.   How they want to hide in their pain, tears and solace. Everyday I’m reminded of the pain they experience when I speak with them and try to help them find that perfect person who will help them have their baby. When this holiday approaches, I say prayers for all those women. I pray that they find resolve in their journey to motherhood. I know this day will be painful for many. I also know this day will be joyous for women who have fought through the rain. I say bring on the rain. Be strong.