A Proud Day in the Life of An Egg Donor and Prospective Parent

I was honored to have the opportunity to escort one of my program Egg Donors to her Egg Retrieval Procedure yesterday. This was her second donation and she was feeling good, healthy and emotionally positive about the experience. Since her original escort needed to cancel last minute due to a death in the family, I stepped in to be her companion and ensure she got returned to her hotel room safely.

I’m the Owner, Founder & Director of Heartfelt Egg Donation; I’m responsible for everything related to the business: the big and the small. I typically conduct most of my business via phone or email since my clients, donors and the clinics I work with are located all over the country. My proudest days are the days where donors are matched, pregnancies announced, babies are born, photos are shared, and I get to meet new babies.

Yesterday was a proud day for me. Being with the Donor at the clinic yesterday brought me back to the time when my husband and I were at our clinic on the day of our Donor’s retrieval, eagerly waiting for the results. I reminisced about the emotions we felt, how we peeked at our Donor through the curtain of the recovery room without her knowing (we had previously met her), hoping she was safe and feeling good about what she just did for virtual strangers and wondering if she was feeling what we were feeling; that we would always be connected in someway to each other, if she was proud of what she just did for us and how her life and ours would change because of her gift. As I sat there sharing these feelings, I tried to verbalize how prospective parents feel about their donors and their unselfish act of donating their eggs, how they hope their Donor will someday understand what they have done for them and how they are changing lives forever. The Donor took all this in and expressed that she hopes the couple gets pregnant and that things go well for them. I believe yesterday was a proud day for the Donor.

Yesterday was a proud day for me because I was able to participate in a small way on such a big day for the Donor and the Prospective Parents. I was proud of the Donor for sacrificing herself for the happiness of others and for the new life/lives she was helping to create. I was proud of the Parents for acknowledging the Donor’s actions and showing appreciation for her by expressing their thanks in a beautifully written note accompanied by a thoughtful gift. Yesterday was a proud day.