A Brand New Beautiful Strong Heartbeat

I received a wonderful e-mail this week. It was from a couple I worked with recently. Attached to the email was an ultrasound photo at 6 weeks 6 days; confirming that one baby with a strong heartbeat is due to join their family in the next 9 months. I am so honored that they thought to share the photo with me. I love being able to share in such incredible happiness.

The expectant mother had kind words for me: “It is always so fun to share the news with you in particular!!! You have been such an integral part of this amazing journey that it feels so wonderful to let you know the good news.”

It was a true joy to meet and work with this couple. Throughout the entire egg donation cycle/process they were friendly, strong and confident. I’m sure there were moments, probably many, where they felt very exposed and unsure of what may lie ahead for them. They took a leap of faith and took a risk; they gambled with hopes that a pregnancy would be confirmed and soon a baby would be born to them. I’m thrilled for them and wish them only joy and comfort during the next stage of their journey. Before I know it I’ll be receiving a birth announcement and photo of the happy family.