25 Reasons to Donate Your Eggs, by Abbie Waters

Provided by: Abbie Waters of FertilityNation.com.

You’ve started thinking about donating eggs. You’ve done a little research online looking at egg donor agencies and programs. Maybe you’ve even made a list of the pros and cons of egg donation. But you’re still on the fence, unsure of what to do. To help you make your decision, here are 25 more things to think about!

25 reasons to get off the fence and become an egg donor
1. It will help you get over your fear of needles.
2. You’ll be making a child without getting stretch marks.
3. You’ll get to witness the wonders of modern medicine first hand.
4. It will make you feel powerful in your ability to make positive social change.
5. Many women and men desperately need eggs to make their families, and you could help them do that.
6. The entire egg donation process only takes a few months.
7. You’ll learn cool words like human menopausal gonadotropin.
8. You’ll learn more about the ethics of egg donation and assisted reproduction.
9. You’ll get to see ultrasound images of your ovaries. If you ask, you can probably get some copies for your wallet.
10. You’ll learn more about your body, your menstrual cycle, and human reproduction in general.
11. Donating eggs will give you an appreciation of the beauty and power of your body.
12. Donating eggs will give you an amazing symbolic connection to a family.
13. The experience will deepen your capacity to empathize with others’ suffering.
14. If your recipient is infertile, you can raise public awareness about infertility.
15. If your recipient is gay, you can raise public awareness about gay parenting.
16. The compensation could help you pay off your debts or start your retirement savings.
17. “I’m an egg donor” makes a great conversation starter at parties.
18. All the medical examinations and meetings with the egg donor agency will develop your communication skills.
19. Going through the entire process shows others that you are a dedicated person who accomplishes your goals.
20. You’ll be able to look back on the experience with pride.
21. The egg stimulating drugs they give you will temporarily make you a living fertility goddess.
22. You’ll have plenty of time to update your Facebook profile while waiting at doctor’s appointments.
23. You’ll be a member of a very small, very unique “sorority” of women who have donated eggs to others.
24. It will be a story you can tell your children and grandchildren.
25. You might be lucky enough to experience the joys of Lupron-induced hot flashes!

So what about you? What reasons would you give to a young woman thinking about becoming an egg donor?